How Can Kids Improve Their Vocabulary

One of the challenges parents face is how to get their kids to improve their vocabulary. Sometimes just school activities don’t help; a better alternative could be getting your kids a tutor; an English tutor, Canberra would be a good idea.

 Canberra holds a lot of professionals that can build a child’s vocabulary in a few months. They understand the process of learning in children and so can use that knowledge in favor of the kids they tutor. Knowing the difficulty in building English vocabulary, and English tutor knows the best techniques in teaching a child better vocabulary. The best way to improve your child’s vocabulary is by getting him/her a tutor. 

These tutors are specially trained to communicate with kids effectively. Below are some of the ways employed by these professionals to improve your children’s vocabulary.

  • Flexible tutoring program: English tutors are often disposed to a flexible tutoring program. In order words, you can employ them to come to your home to tutor your kids or have them tutor your kids online. They are focused on achieving 100% result in your kids. English tutors, especially ones from Canberra, would supplement the efforts of parents by involving the kids in educational conversations. They understand that growing children love to be involved in discussions that boost their sense of ego, meaning that children learn to use words unconsciously.
  • Providing an unlimited vocabulary: parents often think that children are better off not knowing how to use some words because they are too young. This wrong conception often reduces a child’s brain capacity and might make a child think that they are not intelligent enough. But with the help of an English tutor, this issue is eliminated.
  • Story formulation: Reading storybooks to children is useful but not enough. As a parent, there are a lot of responsibilities to attend to, so the little time they have with the children, they read storybooks. However, a tutor understands that making up stories is a more effective way of learning than storytelling. These tutors engage the children in actual story formulation. The children use their minds to make stories, creating a unique narrative, and after which, the tutor asks them questions that would introduce a new word. 
  • Playing games:  playing educational games like scrabble is also another way of improving your kids’ vocabulary. Tutors carry out gaming activities  that make use of flashcards, or word puzzles for older children and many more fun-like games to build up a child’s vocabulary, 
  • Challenging the kids: Encouraging children to read and write is expertise for these professionals understanding this. English tutors challenge children to write stories, songs, poems, or even a letter to their parents. This, in turn, builds in them the love of reading and writing, thereby strengthening their vocabulary. 

 A child that has poor vocabulary can turn out to be introverted because of a lack of vocabulary for expression, so it is of great importance that parents improve their kid’s vocabulary.