What Is Short Stay Parking?

Short stay parking is when you park your car at the airport or any other place for a few hours. There are several types of parking, such as short-term parking, daily, and long-term parking. Quick stay parking is usually used by people that are dropping off or picking up people from the airport. It is not for those people who are traveling for more than a day or a week. A short stay parking usually lasts for less than a day. Quick stay parking is pretty standard among people who are only traveling to the airport to pick up someone or drop them. People who leave their car behind at the airport for a week or a month usually prefer long-term parking. In the long-term parking, people have to park their vehicles far away from the terminal, but it saves them a lot of money in the long run. Finding the right parking spot at the airport can be very hard, and to save time, you can book your parking spot in advance by services like GoToAirportParking.

Brief stay parking or short-term parking is usually costly because the distance from the parking lot to the airport’s terminal is very short. The parking rates differ based on length and ease. If the range of the parking lot from the terminal is concise, the parking fees will be cheap. Quick stay parking is expensive as compared to other types of parking. People are not allowed to park their cars overnight in the short-stay parking lot.


Short stay parking is a type of parking at the airport where the parking lot is located near the airport terminal. Short-term parking is exceptionally convenient and close to the terminal due to which the prices are also very high. There are different types of parking for different passengers. People that are planning to leave their car at the parking overnight aren’t allowed to park in the short-term or short stay parking lot. For such people, long-term parking is the best option. Long-term parking is beneficial for the people that are planning to leave their car at the airport for a week because it saves them a lot of money. Even though you have to park your car far away from the terminal and it is less convenient, but in the long run, it saves a lot of money. Airport parking rates depend on the distance from the terminal if the range is less parking will be expensive. People looking forward to saving money while traveling will never opt for short stay parking as the trip itself is highly costly; they don’t want extra costs.


These two parking options are the most used at airports. They are designed for totally different types of passengers. Short-term parking is highly expensive because the parking lot is located near the terminal, and long-term parking is cheaper because it is located far away from the terminal. It isn’t easy to compare these two parking options because both are highly beneficial for different passengers. People that are just picking or dropping people prefer short stay parking whereas people are parking their cars for a week or more, choose long-term parking.