Things to Avoid in Thailand and What to Do Instead

Thailand is deemed as the land of smiles. But there are things you should not do. As much as happiness and values are what we wish, what is grander for us is not to get into trouble. We need to observe culture and rituals to have a peaceful time in Thailand. Thailand is a great and cheap place to be in. So don’t ruin the great vibe of the city.

Wearing classy shoes

Forget the Air Max, Nike, and pretty sneakers. Welcome to Thailand, where life is simple. There is no need for bending for straps. This rule applies even in restaurants. People leave their sandals outside their homes and restaurants. You are expected to do the same before stepping inside.

The way to go is to have a pair of sandals to ease the process of adaptation.

Touching monks

The hierarchical respect in Thailand is different from other countries. No one is accepted to be higher than the monk. Monks are highly respected and not allowed to touch women. If you are a woman, then be aware of this. Monks are not allowed to sit next to women in public transport or directly give an item to them. Instead, they will place the object or item on the floor.

Women beware.

Do Not Get Involved with Illegal Drugs


This rule is a general rule of thumb for anyone traveling. Drug involvement is not a place you should be in. Since you are in Thailand, you should be careful of what you accept at nightclubs or parties that you attend to. Getting caught with such substances has a cost. You can lose your passport validation or even get in jail. So, avoid it at all costs.

Do you know what is legal? Gambling. It is safe to gamble in Thailand. If you have some time, visit the casinos around and have a lesson in the economics class. Visit  for more insights.

Romantic gestures in public

Eastern countries rarely make physical contact in public. Be careful when you are at the park or about to have a moment on the street. In Thailand, even a simple romantic gesture as holding hands is rarely seen. If you want to do these things, then wait until you and your partner have a room and are alone.

Disrespecting the Buddha

A major part of the community in Thailand practices Buddhism. You should be careful how you respond to the culture and religion practiced. Avoid judgments and pointing out flaws in Buddha. Also, when visiting shrines, avoid trying to drip and looking sexy for others. Save it for the shows and nightclubs. Dress decently and stick to trousers or jeans as much as possible. Also, do not take pictures with Buddha or imitate the Buddha pose.

Do not step, shuffle, or pointing fingers

You should limit the use of your limbs. Your feet should be just for walking. No stepping or shuffling. And don’t use your legs to close doors. Also, keep your hands to yourself. Avoid shaking hands, touching other people, or pointing people with your fingers. Your hands should be for eating and opening doors. Nothing more. Anything outside this will be chastised by the people of Thailand.