Instagram vs. Reality: How Helpful is social media for Our Mental Health?

A much-debated topic that has come into the limelight recently is the impact of social media on our mental health. People can make the most out of social media applications, but few of them are aware of the effects they have on our mental health. Some opine that there are positive effects, whereas others think that it leads to more damage than good. In this article, the light will be shed on whether it proves advantageous or entails more drawbacks.

Diverts attention

Often when people are stressed out and need some time off, social media proves to be a holy grail. This is because the videos and short clips featured are amazing to allow you to get rid of the wariness of the day.


Many people have very busy 9 to 5 jobs, and they require something to keep them motivated and fresh. Hence, social media can be put to good use here as it freshens people up. Other than that, mothers of children need time off as well, and social media can be a great avenue.

Too sensitive

Some people become so addicted to social media that they just cannot survive without them. It seems like they have been glued to their mobile phones. They just cannot let go any second without accessing social media. This has a detrimental impact on their health because being too focused on social media leads to nothing good. It often wastes time and energy.

Doze of motivation

People should take it easy on themselves and should not envy concerning what others have. Rather than this, they should be thankful for the things and events that they have been blessed with. It is a good idea to share your optimistic mood with others. And you also can expand your audience and have a bright and inspirational fan base by using some organic Instagram growth service.

Inferiority complex

People have also complained that when they see other people having fun on social media, they get highly concerned because it worries them. People are usually seen displaying their lavish lifestyles and showing off their wealth, which causes other people to be stressed out easily and drives them nuts. The ones who see such posts are driven crazy, and this action leads to an inferiority complex. People start considering themselves inferior and superior, and this leads to their confidence level being completely shattered. This is due to the fact that humans have this habit of comparing themselves with other people.

The food for thought is that the use of social media should be restricted to a few hours in a day so that the negativity it spreads is excluded to some extent. The more the people use social media, the more their life becomes stressful. Hence, social media can be used for entertainment purposes, but spending almost the entire day on social media leads to negative impacts on the mental health of the population.